Success Story: Oil & Gas

Offshore: Oceanic Seismic Oil Exploration

Partnered with our sister company Elite Controls, Inc. for all control processes.

  • Ships deploy sonar pods in the oceans that detect oil under the sea floor
  • Pod deployment, retrieval and storage is largely automatic
  • 2,500 – 8000 pods on each ship
  • Extensive use and control of conveyors’ positioning and speeds to precisely space pods for deployment and pack them in tight for storage
  • Wireless Bluetooth CAN networked robots for moving pods on roller conveyors (Ship – Ocean Pearl)
  • When retrieved, data is pulled from the pods and the pod batteries are recharged
  • One of the largest integrated CAN networks in the world – 178 nodes across 9 interconnected networks with 9 control panels (Ship - European Supporter)
  • CAN-Open encoders were utilized for closed loop position control of conveyors and bridge cranes
  • Utilized Danfoss Plus+1 controllers and displays

Land: Rig Walking Systems

  • Local and radio remote controls
  • Synchronized lift and travel operations with 4 legs
  • Inclinometer sensors for rig stability control
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