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Prevent Downtime with Data Measuring from Hydraquip

Pressure spikes = premature system failure = costly downtime

The rapid opening and closing of valves and solenoids in your hydraulic system can generate high frequency pressure peaks and system spikes that last only a few microseconds.  Very brief, these spikes still pose a threat to your entire hydraulic system. Your ability to understand when they occur and what happens in the run up to a system spike can help eliminate the root cause, lead to more reliable systems, and prevent premature system failure.

High speed data capture = insight into root cause = more reliable systems

Hydraquip provides a solution with test points and the MultiSystem 5060 handheld measuring and data logging device from Hydrotechnik.  This system scans and transmits data 10xs faster than alternative systems highlighting higher pressure & faster occurring peaks than previously thought.  Examples:

• Break down a pump cycle turning at 1800 RPM down to a 5th of the rotation
• Identify a piston close to failure causing pressure spikes

Our sales reps have the technical expertise to integrate test points in your system, assist to determine cause of root failure and help your team find additional ways to enhance system reliability.

Please contact us with questions about your system data recording.


Power Solutions Highly technical sales force for design, development and support of your project

Hose & Couplings A complete source of hydraulic and industrial hose & couplings

Service & Repair Right tools and people to get you back to work

Custom Systems Turn-key system design, engineering & fabrication



Hydraquip Brand Promise

Empowering Trust.
We work with our customers to build true partnerships through our commitment to integrity, positive attitude and dependable customer service.  Because every employee is an owner, our team is personally invested in the success of our customers and the company.

Innovative Results.
Our knowledgeable and talented employees bring creative new ideas to solve challenges for our customers.  Customers trust us to provide expertise for system design, support them with troubleshooting and quickly respond with answers to their questions.




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quote “I can definitely say that I would recommend Hydraquip to anyone looking for hydraulic components and application assistance. Their highly trained staff and their extensive inventory have been instrumental to our business over the last 20 years." >> B. Reid





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